Why should a pro use pogo.pro estimate and project management solutions.

Collecting data

JD Powers show that the renovations industry have been slow to adopt IT.

IT budgets

Most construction companies spend less than 1% of annual sales volume on

IT department

That said, this still means a commitment of a dedicated department in 57%
of firms.

Amount of IT staff

What this means is according to this slide is that up to 80% of firms have
between 1 and 15 employees focussed on IT. According to the next slide a
lot of this is dedicated to estimation software. As you can see, many firms
use one of several software solutions available for making estimates.

Estimation software in use

Less firms, however, use project management software. Over 40% use either
manual processes, spreadsheets or some other means of project management,
as opposed to commercial software.

Project management software

Project management software is mostly manual or done using spreadsheets.

Scheduling, on the other hand, his commonly done with Microsoft project.


According to JD Power, IT spending is lower than ever, staffing still
abysmal, and spreadsheets still rearing their ugly heads, I see a glimmer
of hope in the increase of survey respondents with a R&D budget. They are
using a small speculative budget to hire staff, or interns, or enlist the
IT guy with a little extra time to analyze costs and propose how tech can
reduce them.

One of the reasons Pogo.Pro attributes to this trend is that it is
difficult to use a computer on site. This is why Pogo.Pro has made its
solution functional on mobile devices. Estimates can be done on ipads and
android devices. The solution leverages cameras and touch screen
technologies to make it possible to build estimates remotely.



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